Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Transport in the Philippines

There are so many options you can use in getting around the Philippines.

They all start at Manila, which is the gateway to discover this extraordinarily beautiful and untouched country. No matter what forms of transport you are use to, you will find it here, even some you have never even heard of, like Jeepneys and Kalesa’s just to name a few. One thing for sure though, in the Philippines there is transport aplenty! Click the blue highlighted links to see the information and sites below.

How to get there and around taken from Silent Gardens Website
Manila Airport Guide An illustrated guide to Manila Airport
Arrival The NAIA Arrival Guide
Transfer The NAIA Transfer Guide
Downtown How to get downtown Manila
Departure The NAIA Departure Guide
Maps An animated airport map
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Manila Flight Status On-line status of all intl. flights
Manila Telephone # Manila Airport phone numbers
Manila Airport Hotels Manila Airport Hotels
International International Ailines
Domestic Philippines, Cebu-Pacific and SEAIR
Ferry Schedules Fast Ferries, Ferries, Pump-Boats
More Ferry Schedules Schedules of 25 companies
Bus Companies, fares and timetables
Highway Adventure Use bus and RoRo ferries
Taxi Fares and meters...
Jeepney How to catch the right jeepney? Fares.
Tricycle A unique travel-experience

If you are not living here already, you may find this exploration of the different types of transport here interesting from other bloggers. Click them to read their insights

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